Is colon cancer fatal?

i had just found out recently that my grandfather has colon cancer and i am very upset and i want to know the risk factors for this type of cancer. i really don’t know anything about this. please help!!


  • Marry

    Colon cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the colon. The treatment options depend on the following:
    * The stage of the cancer.
    * Whether the cancer has recurred
    * The patient’s general health.
    The primary treatment of colon cancer is to surgically remove part of your colon or at least all or part of the cancerous tumors. If the cancer is found early, you may be able to have a local excision. In this case, the doctor will place a tube through the rectum into the colon and cut the cancer out.

  • Anacleto

    Ask yourself if having is what you sincerely have your self set on colon cancer

  • Depends when they catch it. If it is Stage IV, it is very bad. He has less than a 10% chance of surviving another 5 years with zero chance of cure. Treatment is 100% palliative in this stage. If caught early though, he has a very good prognosis for full recovery assuming he is healthy.

  • colon cancer has several risk factors like age- risk of this cancer increase with age.polyps- polyps are risk factors of this cancer but u can remove this by doing colonoscopy.history of cancer- if anyone in family has cancer, low level of selenium, smoking and virus

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