Hypoactive Thyroid and TTC…?

I have a hypoactive thyroid, I take the lowest amount of hormone supplements. Will this affect me conceiving? Anyone else with this condition?


  • I had my thyroid removed and was told that the thyroid medicine (I’m on synthroid) is an all natural medicine because it is exactly what the body SHOULD be producing anyway….hope that helps!!


  • peach1492

    I would definitely seek the advice from your physician for this… thyroid managed properly with supplements shouldn’t prevent any issues in conception, but once pregnant a women would have to monitor her thyroid levels very carefully. Under-active thyroid that is not treated can keep a woman’s period from coming regularly which of course could affect your periods. But, again, seek your doctor’s advice always.

  • PhenomenalWoman_

    If your hypothyroidism is well-managed (meaning that the meds are working), then this will actually HELP your chances of conceiving. Hypothyroidsim can mess with your hormones and make ovulation either non-existent or weak. The meds should help regulate these hormones so you can get pregnant.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust!!!

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