How can I maintain good functioning colon?

How can I keep my colon healthy?
Cause I usually dont feel that I need to go to the toelit. I feel that I need to go to the toelit like every 3 days.


  • dan d

    Most people fail to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy colon. While this organ doesn’t usually receive much attention, a colon that is not healthy can lead to a number of physical problems, ranging from skin problems to chronic fatigue and headaches or even cancer. Therefore, in order to maintain optimum colon health, it is beneficial to cleanse the colon on a regular basis.

    While dietary changes and getting exercise will help you with keeping your colon healthy, there is nothing better than a full colon cleanse to really lift out the fecal matter embedded in your colon. By cleaning this waste out, you are less likely to become constipated in the future. So, even if you are not experiencing constipation, an occasional colon cleanse is a wise addition to your regular health regimen – just like going to the dentist for a regular checkup every six months.

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  • Grand pa

    Add Fibre My doctor put me on Metamusil.. It works. Also available sugar free…

  • Maple

    Eat LOTS more fruits and veggies, some raw. Drink plenty of water. Choose whole grains instead of white bread and refined cereals. Drink some more water. Cut down on meat and soft drinks as far as you can. You’ll notice a dramatic difference both in your toileting and in the way you feel generally. Very few people get enough dietary fiber for optimal health.

  • Christopher K

    As an RNP, I suggest that you see your primary health care provider ASAP, as a BM (bowel movement) every 3 days IS NOT NORMAL BOWEL FUNCTION……That is one of the first signs of either IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrom) or ICC (Idiopathic [they don’t know the cause] Chronic Constipation), and those conditions should be addressed IMMEDIATELY….even worse, you could be in the First Stage of colorectal cancer…………GO AND SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN!!! For your sake and that of your familie’s…..

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