Health question……Please answer?

I have a natural health and wellness blog and I’m trying to find some new ideas that I can write about in my blog.

My question is what are some good health topics that I could talk about in my health blog?


  • Dr. Campbell

    I would definitely write about the all natural benefits of cinnamilk, simply astounding stuff! We are really blowing the barn doors off the hinges in the medical community with this stuff.

    Some colleagues and I are currently conducting studies including but not limited to:

    skin treatments
    digestive regulation
    ear / sinus / throat infections

  • calyx156

    1) Auto-immune disorders such as lupus, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and many, many others. I had a teacher in the ’90’s that said these types of diseases would be the plagues of the future. It appears she was (and is) correct.
    2) Men’s health issues
    3) Women’s health issues
    4) Children’s health issues
    5) Cutting edge info on autism, the diagnosis and incidence of which has increased 900% in the last 10 years
    6) Sponsor a debate on the pros and cons of immunizations
    7) Articles on natural health care for pets
    8) Articles specifically on health care for elders
    9) Digestive health
    10) Allergies and asthma
    11) articles on natural home care (how to clean your house using all natural products
    12) Natural pregnancy and childbirth
    13) Herbs for the immune system
    14) Adaptogenic herbs

  • Tea tree health

    you might like to consider writing about tea tree oil.

    I have a website all about tea tree oil and it’s many benefits.

    Check my profile if you want the address, you might find some good ideas.

  • General Griefous

    cinnamilk. it’s one table spoon cinnamon, 8 ounces milk, and pure awesome. it was only recently rediscovered and has been making a storm among the home remedy gurus. it helps improve eyesight and boosts the immune system, along with many other things. check out the wiki for it.

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