fruit juice for babies?

so I’m weaning my 6 month old, and giving her smushed fruit that I softened in the steamer. my question is this, the water that is collected in the drip tray, is that ok to give to my LO as a fruit juice?

I don’t see why not, as it would be sterile, but would it be too high in sugar or too concentrated? I’m using it to thin out the puree to get it the right consistency, but as a drink would it be bad for her?

It seems like a bit of a waste to just tip it down the sink….. plus, with summer round the corner it’d be good to get some liquid into her in the heat (she says ‘plain WATER??? No Dice, Mate!!’ lol).


  • dsj312

    I don’t think it should be a problem, BUT, you also need to get her used to the taste of plain water, so she will learn to like it. ever since my son was a baby, and old enough to start drinking from sippy cups, etc….I would give him juice, but I would also give him water, and he loves it, he is now 3 years old, and

  • maricris

    no do not drink to your baby when hes 11 month you will be drink to your baby

  • Micky

    i don’t think there is any problem my little one loves it

  • deligeez

    Don’t use over the counter fruit juice, only water. If you need to give him/her juice then you should consider unsweetened soft juice you can buy at the baby section of the store, you should also consider diluting it, 1oz juice 3oz water.

  • ☆Alissa's Ma-ma-ma

    Going by what I’ve been told, juice isn’t good for babies as it rots their teeth. My 9 month old has never had juice, as I’m afraid if I give it to her, she will like it too much and refuse her water as I have seen happen with other infants!
    Your daughter really does need to drink water though, keep persisting, she will get the hang of it. Give it to her in a sippy cup after solid meals and she will learn to love it.

    Good Luck=)

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