Does lemon juice ruin your hair?

Does using lemon juice to lighten your hair make it fry and frazzled?


  • Jungle Jim

    The pH (ie acidity) of lemon juice is 2 – 3 which is the same range as many conditioners. This acidity tightens the hair cuticle and makes the hair shiny & glossy

    Lemon juice (or at least the juice of the kaffir lime) plus egg (for protein & lecithin) is the basis of traditional haircare in Thailand

    EDIT – Roberts comments are correct

  • Robert

    It actually makes your hair quite silky.

  • Lemon juice is pretty acidic, which can denature your hair. However, some people use lemon juice as a sort of natural highlight, which works when it’s exposed to the sun. Compared to bleach it is much less damaging, but the results will take more time and therefore, more lemon juice.

  • Sir Fearnot

    Remember, lemon juice is natural and pretty much anything else you put in your hair is artificial and full of chemicals. I’d go with the lemon juice option – if I had any hair!

  • It makes your hair lighter but also dryer. I would only use it if you have oily hair, if not try tea tree oil.

  • Tabitha

    No, well it never has for me. When i was younger me and my friends would put lemon juice on strands of hair to get highlights and it never would fry or frazzle my hair. Hope this helped!

  • anonymous

    yes it removes oil and make hair dry. it suits for oily type hair and skin

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