A question about cholesterol. Please help ME?!?

Hello. I’m a 12 year old girl. I just got the results of my blood test Friday and the doctor told my dad that my cholesterol level was 218.
I’m really worried. I have no IDEA what to eat?! I’ve been eating almonds. (I read they lower cholesterol)
It seems as if everything has cholesterol!

Can I eat White meat grilled? (Chicken)

And I’d like it if you guys suggested what I should eat to lower my cholesterol. No fried foods! (:
Please do help.


  • Mariam

    Porridge lowers cholesterol, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Salads etc. Avoid prawns cos there very high in cholesterol. Fish and chicken is better for us anyway. Heard yolks of eggs are high in cholesterol also so if u wanna eat eggs just eat the whites. Flora-proactive have a range of products out to lower cholesterol also such as their spreads and a drink also. Hope this is useful .

  • Bco4th6th

    Forget the food restrictions – it isn’t what you eat that causes high cholesterol, it’s what you drink (or, rather what you DON’T drink).

    Somehow, your body isn’t getting enough water. Either you’re drinking soft drinks or you’re just not drinking enough water.

    Put down the soft drinks and grab a fried chicken leg. You just need to increase your water (and salt – slightly) intake.

    The link below will show you how. Keep in mind that what you’ll find is designed for an adult. You’ll need to adjust for your own needs.

  • Xnebia

    Not sure why your getting blood tests, hope everything is ok there. but really at 12 is cholesterol a big deal? Probably not. Eat a healthy diet, you know whats healthy its more or less common sense. There are thousands of websites that have healthy meal plans, look one up and use it. You will be a little more limited since your parents buy your food most likely. Eating healthy isn’t hard although its not as fun as eating whatever is in front of you. If you start at a young age and make it a lifestyle to eat healthy you’ll be a lot better off than most. Proper diet and exercise and most things like weight cholesterol, etc will work themselves out.

    note: you need cholesterol, without it you would die. Its important for every cell of your body.

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