What is colon cleansing?

i read that it helps you to lose weight, but the websites i’ve read are all scientific and i just need someone to explain the process to me in really simple terms.

I’ve got colon cleanse tablets but don’t want to use them until i know what happens


  • julie

    after doing several colon cleanses with good product (I recommend the intestinal cleanse one and two at herbdoc.com many people do lose weight.

    This is because when we eat cooked and unhealthy foods, sludge builds up on the colon walls and eventually gets into bowel pockets and turns hard like an old rubber tire. this causes bacteria to grow and get into the bloodstream and the dirty blood soon messes up your liver. also the hardened poo called mucoid plague prevents many nutrients from being absorbed and the body is starving all the time and you get hungry.

    One man passed a long 5 foot mucoid plague and several smaller ones and actually lost 50 pounds overnight..many report flatter stomachs.

    When you clean this up your health improves and the nutrients are better absorbed Dr Christopher said he ate 4 large meals a day and after several colon cleanses he was satisfied and never hungry with 2 small meals a day. He reported all his students doing the colon cleanse cut their grocery bill in half.

    it can do nothing but good for you. many lose parasites too. It actually pulls the old hardened fecal matter out of the bowel pockets due to its mucilaginous qualities (the intestinal cleanse herbs).It also clears 3000 drug residues from the colon. Many belief all diseases start in the bowels as the dirty blood is carried throughout the body eventually breaking down organs

  • Domtacular

    I don’t know about the tablets, but I know the main event is when the jam a tube up your poo chute and flush it out with water. If I were you, I’d just try jogging or something.

  • Worldly25

    Many methods including enema, liquids or pills. Just removing all feces matter from your bowls and intestines. Used prior to having a colonsocopy. This is not a weight loss program. Cut your food intake and walk a mile a day.

  • sharp32548

    a big fraud

  • Those commercials you see on TV try and get you to buy their product. They don’t tell you how dangerous those practices can be! They just want your money and don’t care about you. The best thing to do is see your doctor or a specialist who works in that specific field.

  • Don J

    I have done the colon cleanse program. I took two capsules two hours after the last meal of the day. It took about 2 days for the cleanse to start to work. I lost 5 pounds in 3 – 4 days and felt the loss around my middle section. You should use and all natural product without any harsh chemicals. This is not for everyone to do but safe with the all natural. If yours are not natural, a friend gave me the site below that has a free trial offer and is all natural and safe.

  • Billme


    There are a lot of late night TV commercials that are filmed in such a way to look like a real TV program, where they interview "Doctors" and they talk about how wonderful a certain brand product is, then after 10 minutes there is a minute long commercial for that exact same product!

    Those are usually put on by people who want to separate you from your money. I would not use a product that they sold you. You can do what you want with it, I just would not use it on myself

    If your doctor prescribes a conoscopy, they will also prescribe a good cleanser, that will keep you within 30′ of the bathroom for about 8-24 hours. You will need to drink the recommended amounts of water, as you will be washing out the colon really well. Really well! The product should cost about $10.

    Good Luck!

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