What could this be? (thyroid related)?

Ok, so all summer I have been feeling really tired, fatigued, just crappy in general. My brain has been in this mental fog (meaning it’s hard for me to concentrate) This has taken its toll on me. I have had major mood swings (not period related because they checked that out and I never get like that anyway). It’s like I’m Bi-polar but I know I’m not. I have also been experiencing weight loss. I went from 130 pounds to 124.

In addition to the symptoms above, my thyroid is enlarged. It has gotten bigger since June and is now visible and is causing discomfort in my neck. Even wearing my seat belt is uncomfortable. The doctors tested me for hypo/hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, mono, diabetes and they all came back normal. My thyrogolobulin levels are off. They found several nodules on my thyroid during an ultrasound. I have an appt with and Endocrinologist on the 14th but I just want some suggestions of what could be wrong with me.

It’s just so weird. The whole thing. I have symptoms of being hypo AND hyperthyroidism. But they both came back fine. What gives? 🙁

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  • lovestolaugh

    Thyroid nodules are very common…I have them myself. Usually they are not considered a problem unless you have just one, which is more likely to be cancerous. Even then, thyroid cancer is usually easily cured. Your symptoms may be caused by many things, including depression, or even worry about your condition. There are many things that can go wrong with the thyroid; I think you need to wait for your appt. with the endocrinologist for a definitive diagnosis. In the meantime, try to stop worrying. Most thyroid conditions can be successfully treated.

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