Thyroid problem?

could i have a thyroid problem? I am always tired, never feel full, have gained at least 40-50 pounds in less than a year, and get tired easily even when walking a short distance. I’m 19 years old. Does anyone have a thyroid problem or know someone who does? are these some of the symptoms you (or they) experienced?


  • Many of the symptoms do sound like an underactive thyroid, except for never feeling full. Most with hypothyroidism have lack of appetite, but yet still gain weight. It’s possible your eating to satisfy the empty feeling is causing the weight gain. The weight gain in turn is making it difficult for you to exercise.

    Just to be sure though, it is wise to test your thyroid because it is a possibility. Make sure to test first thing in the morning when metabolism is near its slowest point. You will probably have a TSH test. If possible also get a free t4, free t3, and an antibody test. The TSH many times dos not catch the condition in the early stages, so the other tests can provide more info.

    Here are symptoms I had; weight gain, difficulty losing weight, constipation, vertigo, headaches, fatigie, dry skin, thinning hair, low body temp, sleep apnea, ridged fingernails, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, and muscle and joint aches

  • DogLover95

    My mom does. You should go to the doctor and get a blood test. Then they will put you on medication. It doesn’t realy sound like you have it though. My mom’s was a lot worse with a lot more symptoms. But better safe then sorry:) Good luck!

  • Mariana

    That sounds like you have a thyroid problem. What you might have is called Hypothyroidism. That is when you are easily tired and you easily gain weight. If you need more information look up Wikipedia then type in Hypothyroidism. Good Luck!

  • Mischele, RN

    Wow, that’s wild. It could be a thyroid problem, it could also be the early signs of diabetes. You could possibly be depressed and eating for comfort. It’s best to have some bloodwork done to find out for sure.

  • !~Netti~!

    My only symptom was I could not lose weight. I didn’t gain it all in a year, it was a slow gradual process, but trying to lose it was a losing battle.

    I don’t think I ever got tired easily, for example when playing sports, I didn’t just get exhausted, I felt great with the activity. However, I did like to sleep. Other then that I had no known symptoms.

    Only reason I went to the doctor is because my mother found out she had a thyroid problem, and it’s something that I could have gotten from her. So I went, and discovered I had a major problem as well as a goiter.

    However I will say that the doctor I went to was rather rude, and told me "just because you’re over weight and tired, does not mean you have a thyroid problem, your diet causes the same symptoms". After a few choice words to the doctor he tested me, and found the problem.

    I was actually born with mine, but had no idea.

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