Terrified- colon cancer?

Hi, I’m terrified, my father was finding blood in his stool, but our doctor said it was nothing to worry about on 2 occasions he visited the doctor. He went for a routine big health scan, and they have found a lesion in his colon wall. He said it looked like on the scan, there was a layer all the way round, but on the left side there was a white part that was pushing out. What could this be? Could it be cancer? Is it possible that it’s something else? He just got back, and is getting it tested the day after tomorrow. I don’t know if I can wait that long, worrying.

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  • greeneye72

    It could be a diverticulum – a little pothole in the colon wall that can collect debris. These can be very common in any person as we get older. Blood in the stool could easily be from internal hemorrhoids.

    I understand your concern, but it’s best not to get too anxious about things until you have all the information. His doc sounds like s/he’s moving things right along with proper tests, so try to remain calm and don’t worry too much. *HUGS!*

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