– The Total Cholesterol level is very good and it should remain below 200 mg/dL all the time.

    – Your HDL Cholesterol level is fine. Typically a normal level is considered to be at 40 mg/dL and above. The higher your HDL level be the better it is for your health. Some natural ways to maintain and raise your HDL level are by aerobic exercising and excluding trans fatty acids from your diet.

    – The ratio of Total Cholesterol to HDL is excellent. Normal is consider as 5:1 or below.

    – Your LDL level is very good at 83 mg/dL and a desirable LDL-cholesterol level must always be below 140 mg/dL to be considered normal.

    – Triglycerides level is also at normal and should remain below 150 mg/dL.

    – Glucose level is also good. Normal is about 90mg/100ml, or 5mM/L.

    According to the blood test results, your are absolutely healthy in terms of cholesterol, fat and sugar levels of your body.

    All The Best To You !

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