is anyone using a food supplement that they can honestly say has made an improvement in there life something?

they can say has given them more energy or grown hair or made there skin look better or healed and injury or pain relief or whatever spread the news here


  • The Natural Mommy

    I have been taking Juice Plus for 5 years and I love it!!! I take double of it, instead of prenatals when I am pregnant. My midwife and pediatrician recommend it. I start my children on it at 2 weeks and they are healthy little rough housers.
    You can’t buy it in the store – there is a website, or you have to find a distributor.

    Juice Plus is also all natural. It has no synthetic chemicals what so ever. It is made from food.

  • Brian Steffen

    The food or in my case meal supplement that I used is made by shaklee. All of their products are made from only the non GMO products. Now because of this they are a little pricey but it is well worth it. The shake is called cinch. It helps to maintain muscle, give you all the nutrients your body needs to loss weight and a whole bunch more. It is great. Shaklee makes sports nutrition drinks that are used by the men’s and women’s Olympic runners, figure skates, snow boarders, and skiers so you know that the products are the best of quality. Also the cinch share is made with soy protein. Which is not just good for your body but it has been proven that it will increase your heart health. So this might now work hair miricals but it will give your body the natural energy it needs to stay healthy and function correctly. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ENERGY SUPPLEMENT LOOK AT THE SHAKLEE ENERGY CHEWS THEY ARE ALL NATURAL ANYONE CAN TAKE THEM AND THEY ARE CHEAP. THESE ARE ALSO USED BY THE HAS OLYMPIC TEAMS.

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