How to lose weight?

Right i no that when you need to lose weight you have to do excerise and eat the right food my only prob is dat i dnt no wat 2 eat 4 breakfast,lunch or dinner or little snacks!any ideas?


  • tgunm63

    stop eating junk and get off your butt once in a while. You gotta move girl. Shake it, don’t break it.

  • Michelle J

    Try cleansing! I just got done doing a cleanse with my husband in which I lost 12 lbs. in 9 days and my mental focus and energy went through the roof! Please check out this website it could change your life as it has mine www. Cleansewithcgnj .com

  • diaryofafatass

    For breakfast, you could eat a serving of your favorite cereal and a piece of fruit. For your other meals, eat the proper servings of fruits, veggies, carbs and lean protein. That will help you feel fuller longer.

    Snacks can be fruit, yogurt, granola bars, whatever. Just try to make a healthy choice most of the time. It’s ok to "cheat" once in a while.

  • Miss_Fowlerxxx

    just make sure you stay away from carbohydrates. If your going to eat bread make sure its brown. Try eating 5 different pieces of fruit a day. Drink lots of water. Drinking fizzy drinks bloats you and also gives you cellulite. For breakfast eat cereal like Special K. Exercise is the main thing though. Try doing cardio, if you dont enjoy running, try cycling, swimming, cross trainer etc the first few weeks it will take a while for the weight to shift. Have the will power. I ended up losing 3 stone in 4 months. It’ll all be worth it in the end xx

  • CraiG

    Like you said the way too lose weight is too do exercise, and right the amount of food.

    For Morning you can have you’re normal routine – make sure nothing too high in the calories, but still it’s the most important meal of the day – Shreddie’s are good, and can go along with everyone from yoghurt too strawberrys ( you can find at local tesco )

    For the Afternoon you’re body will be wanting some good food – nothing high at-all. A Ceasor’s Salad is good – it has crispy chicken ( not high in salt ), and has green salad to go with it underneath – giving the best taste out.

    For Tea, you’re hungry – you should be if you’re changing – so what you could have is Filled Potatoes – They are filled with a-lot of carrot’s sometimes – and the skin is good for you’re body ( fact ).

    Please don’t make the portions too big, otherwise the salt will come through – and you’re whole diet will come apart.

    Drinks: Water is the most obvious one, it’s the best for re-gaining energy, but some people think it’s not got a taste, I disagree.

    Beware: If going to Gyms please DO NOT drink Lucozade / Sport’s drinks. They are the worst going and are filled with sugar and 1 bottle is about 2 days worth of training – they are bad for you’re teeth and DO NOT re-gain you’re energy

  • jyoti

    Well this is what I do and I have lost some weight

    I don’t eat anything until 2:30p.m at 2:30 I eat home cooked meal it can be veg or sub from subway. I avoid food from outside, beef, coke, candies etc

    Drink a lot of water

    Drink Grapefruit juice

    At night I eat dinner by 7:30p.m home cooked meals.

    In morning if you want you can eat fruits etc
    Eat wheat bread with jam. If you eat subway have a sub on wheat bread with no cheese


    Junk Food
    White Bread
    Pizza..Meat pizza, deep crust pizza

  • what you eat needs to be nutritious, not have you over eat- so be low in calorie and also to not leave you craveing more and more.

    I find that any added sugar or even sweetener (as it fools my brain into thinking its sugar and has the same effect) makes me crave the food more and more.. so I avoid sugar and refinded carbohydrates which are basicly still sugar (refind carbohydrates are white pasta, bread, white rice…. cakes..crisps… white (as oppose to red or sweet) potatoes).

    So for breakfast I eat porridge, no sugar, but a pinch of salt, and a cup of tea- I usually have 50grams of porridge, so a very healthy serving, that keeps me full till lunch when I eat salad and protein, like nuts or tuna. And dinner is protein like lentils or beans or fish or chicken or turkey, and vegetables like cabbage or cauliflour which have been steamed.

    If I get hungry in the day I eat fruit like melon or an apple and drink water or tea or diet lemonade. I have about 2-3 glasses or red wine a week.

    I am a healthy weight, I think this diet is a good one as its sustainable, you can live from it long term.

    In terms of chocolate and meals out, as long as they are not more then once a week this is fine, you should be able to get away with it, but I normally find I get the uncontrolable urge to eat too much and this puts me back. So I just dont, I can do healthy meals out but and arrange for me to eat healthily when I go out, but in terms of 4 courses of fatty chinese meals and haagen daz ice cream 500ml tub all in one go- not ever going to work- with any diet!
    I also have found that after a month, I really dont miss them, I have stopped craving chocolate and found when I did bite into a burger, I really didnt like it at all.

    Good luck with the diet- try reading up on G.I (glycemic index ) foods, this will help you.

  • schmoe12551

    Ok you are absolutley correct, you do need to eat and excercise correctly.

    1. Cut a cantaloupe in half, and scoop out the seeds. Stuff the center with 1/2 cup blueberries and 1/2 cup strawberries. Top with a dollop of light vanilla yogurt.

    2. Mix 1/2 cup of chunky applesauce with 1/4 cup low-fat ricotta cheese, and sprinkle with slivered almonds.

    3. Layer a parfait glass with sliced peaches, strawberries, light vanilla yogurt, bananas, and raisins, and top with slivered almonds.

    4. Instead of having a bowl of cereal with fruit on top, have a bowl of fruit with cereal on top!

    5. Have a bowl of sliced strawberries and bananas topped with light yogurt.

    afternoon snack

    1. Snack on a box of raisins or a bunch of grapes.

    2. Opt for a glass of 100 percent fruit juice instead of soda.

    3. Make fruit kebabs with slices of pineapple, banana, and strawberry.

    4. Dip cubed fruit such as watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew melon in light yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese.

    5. Top strawberries and raspberries with an equal mixture of light vanilla yogurt and low-fat sour cream

    6. Cut an apple or pear into halves, and remove the core and stem. Fill with dates and chopped walnuts. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Place in a microwave-safe dish and add 1 to 2 tablespoons orange juice. Microwave on HIGH 5 to 6 minutes.
    You can also use this

  • >>Melanie

    breakfast- fruits, yogurt, special k cereal.

    lunch- salad, sandwhich, an apple

    snack- granola bars, string cheese

    dinner- any fish, rice pilaf, soup, salad

    and working out….this should make a difference in your health.

  • the body sculptor

    hi, first thing you need to do is start eating 5-6 small meals a day (3 main meals, and 2 snacks) i’ve listed below a few ideas you can use:

    Oats with skimmed milk and pineapple chunks.
    1 small red apple

    Snack 1.
    A handful of Almonds or a protein smoothie

    sweet potato with grilled chicken and veg
    A handful of red grapes

    Snack 2.
    A handful of Almonds or a protein smoothie

    Chicken or fish with steamed veg eg. broccoli, carrots,runner beans

    Try this for a month and you’ll definitely see a difference

    PS. If you would like step by step guidance to guarantee you succeed with weight loss you can find me

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    Personal Trainer
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