Has anyone ever had a dog with a thyroid problem?

My dog has had skin problems, anyway we did a thyroid test at the vet and he is 0.9 and the normal scale begins at 1.1, so he wasn’t that far off, but the vet suggested we try antibiotics and a thyroid medicine. Anyone else have a dog with a thyroid problem? She said the medicine might make my dog hyper if too much. Anyway just curious if anyone else has experience w// this. What level was your dog thyroid level at??


  • rorystar918

    Yes, my dog has a thyroid condition. I don’t remember offhand what her levels were, but i know she was low. I have had her on thyroid medication for 3 years now, and she is doing wonderfully on it! Her skin looks much better, her hair grew back, and her weight went back to normal.

    If they dose her too high, and she gets hyper, they can decrease it. My dog was off the wall for a week, so we got her levels re-tested and she was great within the next week!

    Unfortunately it is a lifelong medication (not the antibiotics. I’m guessing they’re just prescribing that to help with her skin). But it’s the cheapest medication out there, you can even pick it up at your pharmacy. I’d say go for it! I don’t regret it one bit, i just pop her pill in some cheese and she gobbles it up!

  • ♥PomMom♥®™

    Yes I have. I don’t recall what his Thyroid level was, (that was 6 years ago) but they said it not bad, just a little low and they put him on medication. He had skin problems and was losing hair.

  • Eddie Mix

    My dog also suffered thyroid problems but with proper medication hes doing fine now

  • singleworker1230

    I have. The thyroid medication gave me my dog back. Instead of lying around like a tub of lard and scratching he was a new dog. He was running, jumping, playing, and training with me again. Another blood test may have to be done in a month to see where his levels are so that the medication can be adjusted. My dog tested at <0.5 the normal is 1-4.

  • Bonzie12

    I don’t know what level her thyroid was at but she was on thyroid medication for her skin problem also. It really did help with the skin problem and her itching, and flaky skin.

  • Kathy™

    Nope, but since my dog’s breed is prone to thyroid problems she gets tested every year.

    If I remember the level your dog is at is not that bad. I would still go with the medication though.

  • twhrider

    I had a miniature schnauzer that had basically no thyroid function when I got her (I think her reading was .02 or some such ridiculous low mark). She was a 6 year old "furry grey rock" as my vet described her. We put her on thyrozine, and she did wonderfully on it. I wouldn’t consider her to have been overly hyper, just a normal happy terrier. We used to joke (JOKE….we would NEVER do it) that if I got tired of dealing with her, I could take her meds away and she would morph back into a furry grey rock. The only drawback we had with the medication was that when we first put her on it, she felt so good that she overdid it somewhat, and threw her back out. After we dealt with that issue and got her on the mend, we had no further issues. She lived to age 15 with minimal issues. One small pill a day sure wasn’t a big issue for the huge change it made for her.

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