• mziron

    Just the yoke has cholesterol. Many healthy, low fat foods have cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol, that is the kind you consume directly from food, is not nearly as bad as the kind that your body forms form saturated and trans fats – these are what you should be looking for on food labels and avoiding.

    Sugar is not always bad. The refined sugar, in white sugar, juice, candy, junk food, is bad bc it is simple, easily broken down by the body, and causes spikes in blood glucose. In fruit the sugar is not bad for several reasons: fruits have many nutrients; fruits have fibre which takes long to digest; fruits have way less sugar than candy.

    Sugar, inexcess, itself is bad, even without fat. It has calories and causes spikes in blood sugar, which causes large amounts of insulin to be produced by the pancreas – eventually the pancreas can become worn down and lose the abiltiy to produce insulin, or your cells can become resistant to insulin – ie-diabetes

  • John Armstrong

    I dont think they do. The yoke has all the cholesterol, from what I know, egg whites are supposed to be really good for you

  • most of the cholesterol in eggs or any animal product is in the fat, however there is a small amount in every animal product,but if you are talking about whole eggs you shouldnt worry about the cholesterol because there is an enzyme in eggs which actually helps your body metabolize cholesterol which offsets the cholesterol from the egg, also the theory that consuming foods with cholesterol raises cholesterol was only ever prooven in rabbits, which are naturally completely herbivorous and thus are unable to metabolize it from their diet properly whereas humans are omnivores making our bodies better able to process it, eating trans fat and too much sugar raises cholesterol much more than actually eating cholesterol

  • about egg white see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_white , sugar is not bad but it is an essential nutrient, every food material is bad if used in excess.

  • ƦєdAиgєℓ

    Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease if that’s what you are worried about. Inflammation does. To read more information>>>


  • bledi d

    No white egg has only vitamins and proteins, egg yolks have cholesterol. If zero fat tuna fish and whey protein isolate has cholesterol, but the amount is very very low. Furthermore, tuna fish and whey isolates are very good sources of protein.

    According to sugar: refined (table) sugar or any other simple sugar is considered "bad" because they raise the blood sugar very quickly, which harms the diabetics (that have impaired glucose balance).
    Complex carbohydrates (sugar) take time to break down in our intestines, thus, the blood sugar is gradually raised, but minimally.

    Fruits are good sources of fiber (that help reduce blood sugar and high cholesterol) and sugars that break down slowly, that is why they are the best choices.

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