Does anyone know of any natural remedies for depression?

The "drug" route is a last resort scenario… are there any herbs or natural supplements that can be useful in combating depression?


  • Wascal Wabbit

    This isn’t a herb, but it is a chemical which is a precursor to help produce more endorphins. It’s L-Phenylalanine, an amino acid which is the chemical mirror to the artificial sweetener
    R-Phenylalanine. I could not stand Prozac so I found this helps a lot.
    Then there’s chocolate. Real chocolate or Cocoa. One of the few really good things which also has several health benefits including combating depression.
    Oh, and don’t watch the news. I know several people who got all involved with Scott and Lacy Peterson and the girl who went missing in Aruba. They would tune in every night for their dose of depressing news and internalize someone else’s problems. We don’t know these people and their problems are not really part of our lives unless we let the news make it part of our lives.

  • justkristie

    i tried vitamin B6 and st john’s wort for a while but, ended up on antidepressants.

  • Jeremy

    Yes Vitamin B6 and Green Tea would be nice with some honey. Energy drinks aare good but watch out for high suger enegry drinks stick to high vitamin drinks.

    – Dr.Fitch

  • I’ve tried just doing the saint johns wart and the b vitamins, but they didn’t help…I tried it for 3 months! Going on the meds is degrading and for the first couple of weeks your crazy until your doasge is proper….but It’s so nice to physicaly be unable to CRASH anymore…

  • Carmen S

    "St. Johns Wort"

  • gonecrazytoday

    Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. No really a tablespoon of honey has a calming effect.
    St. John’s wart is available at health food stores also eating chicken and fish will help as well.
    Check into aromatherapy using floral scents such as Lavender and other soft scents. Avoid high sugar foods and caffeine.

  • PrincessLania

    I’m taking ANxietol 7 which, thanks be to God, is working and i feel like my normal self. I don’t feel anxious or stressed or depressed. Google it and check it out. Hope this helps. I feel anxiety and depression free + alert. It also contains natural ingredients and you can buy this on the net.

  • fuzzy

    The best way is exercise it causes endorphins and it gets you out and about and into life just take a walk and gradually build it up.

  • Cat S

    I’m on meds, its a neccessary evil but if you want to complement them with natural remedies here are my suggestions.

    My shrink suggested fish oil supplements a year ago which have apparently been scientifically proven to be useful in the treatment of depression. They seem to work for me along side a good multi V in the morning and at dinner time.

    He also warned me that if I was on any anti depressant meds that St Johns Wart wasn’t a good idea because it interfered with the drugs’ anti depressant properties.

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