Am I wasting my money on natural remedies for macular degeneration?

I have recently been told I have advanced macular degeneration. I strongly believe in natural remedies. I am taking on a daily basis a multivitamin plus the following: 40 mg Lutein, 5 mg Zeaxanthin, 400 IU Vit. E, 2000 mg fish oil, 5000 mg Vit. A, 100 mg Bilberry, 600 mg Alpha Lipoic acid, 2000 mg Vit. C, 25 mg Glutathionine, 400 mg CoQ-10, plus as many antioxidants (in a wide variety of forms) as I can. Am I wasting my money or is there some chance this might help slow down or stop the macular degeneration? Does anyone have any good suggestions?


  • Hmmm… much of what you’re taking is going to have little to no impact on macular degeneration.

    LUTEIN – some benefit supported by the science here. Decent dosage, too.

    VITAMIN A is also good. 5000 IU/day is fine as long as your doc is aware that you’re taking it and is checking your liver function periodically. AND as long as you’re not planning to get pregnant while supplementing with Vit A. (5000 IU/day is the absolute upper limit for supplementing Vit A during pregnancy. It is VERY dangerous for the fetus.)

    CoQ10 is stupid expensive… but the science does support it at around 200mg/day for preventing the progression of macular degeneration.

    Talk with your doc about TAURINE. At 500mg/day, this amino acid can help reverse degenerative changes.

    The anti-oxidants etc. that you’re taking are not necessary if you’re eating lots of fresh, colorful fruits and veggies in your diet. I’d recommend that instead of individually supplementing with specific antioxidants. For example, blueberry, huckleberry (AKA billberry), blackberry, and raspberry are all rich in zeaxanthin as well as proanthrocyanidins. Excellent anti-oxidants! And so many other wonderful nutrients when taken in fruity form! Plus they’re yummy. 🙂 And rounding out a healthy diet with lots of fresh veg will also ensure that you’re getting sufficient zinc, selenium, etc. Also important for eye health.

    Oral glutathione will not impact the eyes at all; it is not well absorbed to systemic circulation when taken orally.

    You may want to look into LYCOPENE. You can supplement, if you like, but the best bioavailable source is stewed tomato. Incorporate at least a few cups into your weekly diet and you’re on the right path.

    Lastly… there are some excellent Chinese herbs that give good results for macular degeneration, too. May want to consult with your local TCM doc or registered ND.

  • fusepark

    Worse than wasting money, you’re wasting time and eyesight. Your vision will never be better than it is right now, and if this is all you’re doing, it’s going to go away. I hope you’re not rejecting actual treatment to follow this path, and I hope your doctors know what you’re taking. Vitamin A toxicity, for example, can cause blurred vision. I doubt that’s your goal.

    A few examples of the results of "natural cures"

  • I strongly belive that the natural remedies are the best,ie if one knows the source and what sickness it cures. Natural remedies have no side effects. As we feed on the fruits of the plants,the leaves,back and the roots will be used to cure sickness

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  • angrydoc

    What did your ophthalmologist say? Get advice from your doctor always.

  • You really need to see an "eye doctor." Quit wasting valuable time!

  • Psychobenzaprine

    Run this itinerary by a licensed, professional ophthalmologist (NOT an optometrist). You need real medical treatment beyond whatever twigs & berries the naturopaths are pushing.

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