Why won't the Juice USB work on my computer?

I’ve got the Juice charger set, I wanted to transfer photos from my iPod to my computer.
The USB charges my iPod but it won’t show up anywhere on my computer, not even on iTunes.
Help? I’ve got the iPod Touch 4th Generation.
My original iPod charger broke so I don’t have anything else


  • Markey

    The Juice USB draws far more current from your PC, than an ipod does.This is probably why the PC does not show it as a drive.

    A USB port is limited to 100mA. One way around it is to use a Y shaped USB cable, that has 2 USB plugs, so you are drawing power from both, which should be enough to work.

    I have a couple of these cables, very useful to have. Many (older) portable HD’s have these included, as they need power from 2 USB ports (plus the data connection from one) in order for the drive to ‘boot up’ on some PC’s.The newer ones are more efficient and can generally get away with just the one USB connection.

    Your Juice charger needs power from 2 USB’s in order to function properly.Charging off a USB port is very slow and is a waste of electricity, keeping your PC on regularly to do this, would work out more expensive than buying a new mains charger.

    Go into any place that sells electronics/PC stuff and ask for a ‘Y’ USB cord (take your Juice charger with you to get the right plug/socket for it).The standard connection that I have for a portable HD would work fine.

    I’ve posted a link below. That type of cable is what you probably need.

    When you plug it in, plug in the single USB first, then plug in the one with 2 cables from it, then plug in your ipod.Your PC should boot it up and should show as a removable drive in ‘My Computer’.

  • classicsat

    The Juice cable is made just for charging, not USB data.

    You need another USB data cable.

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