Which Cholesterol Number should I watch?

Alright, I was told that I have to lower my cholesterol or else….They told me to lower my levels, and keep an eye out for tons of sugars and fats that build cholesterol. So, when looking at the food labels, are foods that state 0mg freebies? My Fruitee pebbles says 0 cholesterol. Is there a number per food that I should keep my level below if it states cholesterol on it? What number should I keep my sugars and salts under per food label?


  • Davie

    when you are shopping for food, basically all you need to do is stick with the perimeter of the store and not go into the aisles. You get your fresh fruit and veggies, dairy, and lean meats (preferably clean chicken and fish, red meats have some cholesterol but its ok to have a lil). You also need to make sure you are involved in a cardiovascular activity. Cardio helps increase HDL cholesterol which is the good stuff. The higher the HDL (above 65 is AWESOME) the more protective effects it has against heart disease.

    Alot of foods say "NO Cholesterol"… but alot of these foods are jam packed with empty sugary calories. Stay away from highly processed foods (basically things that come in boxes).

  • nochocolate

    It’s not just cholesterol, it’s saturated fats also. The best thing you can do is eat more vegetarian meals and don’t bother with snacks for awhile.

  • footodors

    Particle number obtained from an NMR is the current gold standard

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