Thyroid problem at 15?

Hi i got a blood test and it turns out my thyroid is underactive. Im only 15. My cousin said (hes a doctor) that im way too young to have this! Im scared!!! I dont wanna die.. Pls help im crying just please please please


  • TheOrange Evil

    Hypothyroidism is almost never dangerous. Untreated, underactive thyroid can just make a person feel uncomfortable. You might notice weight gain, coldness in the extremities, and the inability to sweat. Don’t worry – hypothyroidism is not going to kill you.

    Hypothyroidism is very easy to treat in most people. I only take one pill a day in the morning before breakfast. You’re not too young to have hypothyroidism, by the way. A person can have hypothyroidism at any age. I started showing signs in my teen years, too, but didn’t get diagnosed until my mid-20s. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve been diagnosed now – you’ll be able to get your thyroid levels under control and any symptoms you may have will lessen or disappear.

    Please don’t cry. Underactive thyroid is not a life-threatening condition. For the vast majority of people who have it, it’s just slightly inconvenient and quite easy to treat. You’re going to be just fine.


    you’re not too young to have it, i recently had blood tests and my doctor thought that i would have it, and i was 13 when the tests were done. I really wouldn’t worry about, talk to your doctor for more advice

  • Nana Lamb

    Your cousin the doctor is under educated in this and has no bedside manner at all!! Most hypothyroid people are diagnosed as teenagers!! They start gaining weight and cannot lose it! They could actually starve to death and still be gaining weight. Be happy someone took the time to figure out why you were becoming overweight!!

    Limiting salt intake is causing all the thyroid problems!! ah!! dang it!! cannot find my link this morning to this article. Believe it was on in the community tab, but not sure.

    You will NOT die from hypothyroid problems. You just have to take a medication to help balance your hormones. Super Simple, and millions of people take these drugs to help stay skinny! So quit worrying and crying.

  • John W

    When you’re growing, not everything may be growing at the same rate so some things are always underdeveloped. Hopefully as you grow older, this will all correct itself, meanwhile your Doctors will keep an eye on things and recommend medication if needed, take the medication that they prescribe and everything should work out.

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