thyroid disease symptoms?

I have been having a feeling as though something is stuck in the left side of my throat, around my tonsil, for about two months. Also, from time to time, the pain will radiate down the left side of my throat to the top of my chest just below my thyroid and around my collarbone. Occasionally if even hurts under my left ear and a little into my head. I took a round of amoxicillin about a month ago b/c the doctor suspected strep but it did nothing. She wants to check my thyroid next, but could the thyroid be causing this weird kind of pain in these other areas? I do get muscle cramps, which I’ve heard could be a symptom of thyroid problems, and I have an irregular menstral cylce. I’m a 22 yr old female btw. Any information or suggestions are appreciated! I’m really stressing out over the whole situation b/c I’ve never had any medical problems and this just doesn’t seem to be going away! I feel fine aside from the pain in the stated areas.


  • happyblonde

    Not sure about the pain but you should have it checked anyway… surprised it hasn’t been done yet. Did she even feel to see if it was enlarged at all? It’s easy, all you do is make an appt. with your dr and they will draw blood and have it tested and you should know the results in just a couple days. Thyroid conditions are fairly common place anymore. There are so many things that it can affect and everyone is different and no one has the same symptoms.

  • unknown

    Edema,weight gain,hair loss,depression etc.

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