My son suffers from eczema. Is there a natural remedy I can use to relieve his itchness?


  • Healing Oneself

    HI Jeanine

    Here is a herb remedy that will work. For long term health learn about colon and liver cleansing to clear out the toxins in the blood.

    1. Take 1-3 droppersful of Echinacea Plus Tincture (at or another qualified site) to strengthen the immune system.

    2. Rub Garlic oil ALL over the affected area (Garlic will kill anything if you use enough of it)

    3. Give 1-3 glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry per day (to absorb the toxins out of the blood)

    4. Mix equal parts of Aloe Vera Gel, Slippery Elm Powder and Activated Charcoal Powder together (absorbs the toxins externally)

    5. Apply a thin layer of this mixture over the AFFECTED area(s).

    6. Continue this treatment, until the desired Results are achieved.

    This is healing at it’s highest point.

    Eczema is often called Dermatitis, and may be a symptom of an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. Eczema can be due to allergies, allergies secondary to digestive disorders such as hydrochloric acid deficiency, rashes secondary to immune diseases, genetic metabolic disorders, and/or nutritional deficiencies, especially of niacin (vitamin B3) and B6, as well as other B vitamins.

    To minimize your risk of developing eczema, avoid irritating substances, wear natural nonirritating materials, use soothing ointments, and check to see if dietary, nutritional, and/or and allergy-causing factors need to be considered.

    Other ideas that will help:

    Juice Therapy: The following juice combinations can help speed healing: black currant and red grapes; carrot, beet, spinach, cucumber, and parsley; and wheat grass juice.

    Nutritional Supplementation: Vitamin A and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an omega-6 essential fatty acid found in high quantities in evening primrose oil, have both been shown to improve the symptoms of eczema. Vitamin E. Other useful supplements for preventing and reversing eczema include vitamin B complex, vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

    Topical Treatment: Apply evening primrose oil directly to cracked and sore areas of the skin. A topical paste made from ginkgo and licorice root extract has also been shown to improve eczema symptoms.

    Best of health to you

  • Joanna S

    oat meal

  • foxinsox

    You can put a little baking soda in his bath water. When he is done bathing…rub him with Crisco.

    I know it sounds wacky..but it works!

  • Bollywoodfreek

    How to Treat Eczema

    Millions of Americans and people all over the world suffer from eczema. There are almost as many ways to treat eczema as there are people suffering from it. This article includes both natural and synthetic solutions; if you’re particularly interested in natural remedies, read How to Treat Eczema Naturally.
    1. Keep your skin moist.
    * Before bathing, cover yourself in a moisturizer (like aqueous cream or emulsifying ointment) and gently wash the moisturizer off {using it instead of soap}. This will help prevent the water from over drying the skin. Pat the skin dry.
    * Apply moisturizers after bathing and several times a day if necessary to keep the skin moist. Avoid moisturizers that are scented or have lots of chemicals. Oatmeal products are good moisturizers.
    * Use non-biological washing powder. Don’t scratch if the skin is itchy – rub instead.
    2. Take an allergy test. It should include dustmites, all foods, and trees and grass. These are very common allergens. Then try and stay away from the allergens if you are allergic.
    3. Check with your doctor for apporiate medicine – topical steroids will calm flare-ups in your eczema. Mild steroids (1% Hydrocortisone) are generally safe if used in small amounts daily.

    * Remember that eczema is not something that will disappear overnight, it takes time.
    * Check with your doctor and the FDA on which medications to use. Some can be harmful.
    * Read the warning labels on your medicines.
    * Avoid lotions- use heavy cream instead. Lotion is too watery.


    * Do not use steroids (either topical or oral) if you do not need them – prolonged use of strong steroids can cause harmful effects.

    You can also take a look here:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  • Flutterfly *

    You might try tea tree oil.

  • munxkin

    Try Olive Oil. I use it on my skin. My daughter has eczema but I just use Aquaphor, Cetaphil, or Eucerin Calming Creme (this last the most often).

  • queryweary

    There is a traditional chinese medical herbal wash called "Yin Care" that is really good for all kinds of skin problems. You can buy it online for about $17-20 for 4 ounces. You usually dilute it to 10-50%, soak gauze in it and play the gauze on the affected area for about 15 minutes twice a day.
    It takes a little while but it will cure eczema althogether or keep it away for a long time. It worked for me for a rash I had on my arm for almost a year. I had tried everything before I used this stuff. It took about a month but it went away and never came back.
    It’s very gentle and fine to use in children.

  • barneycrisp

    Jeanine, hello: the good herbal remedy for eczema (the one that worked for me better than others) is from Try their cream; it comes with money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose, either.

  • Pauline P

    You could visit the source below. It discusses eczema treatments.

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