If colon Cleansing is fake.?

If colon cleansing is fake and it is said in some websites
to hurt you more than benefit you then why are there people
who are getting positive results such as loosing constipation and loosing other medical problems from it?

I REALLY Want to Know!
Please help.
Thank you


  • Anasthasia P

    Dear Ryan,

    It is not safe to colon cleanse often. It is debatable if it is good at all. It is popular in the "alternative/New age" food/health circles. Sometimes persons with specific beliefs and agendas can overdo and over exert their beliefs to the point of unhealthiness.

    I can not tell you medically what you should do, but mainstream Dr.’s today do not reccommend nor warn about this procedure.

    Colon Cleanser

    Enemas are a form of colon cleansing. An enema involves introducing liquids into the colon for various reasons:

    Enemas can be useful as a constipation treatment, colon cleansing therapy, or for other health reasons.

    Enemas need to be performed by a professional, or in sterile conditions, as there are many risks involved with introducing these liquids into your body.

    An alternative to enemas is a herbal colon cleanser. A colon cleanser does not involve introducing liquids into your body, so it is more hygenic than an enema.

    Ok. Ryan, I hope you will glad with my answer. Takecare.
    Anasthasia Pride

  • nope, they did it

  • Jacob M

    If you want leakage out your anus, use Alli.

    If, however, you want to REALLY know these things, make sure you trust medical websites like WebMD.com (or better yet, a real doctor) and not the websites of the manufacturers.

  • bluebell

    Colonic irrigation is a very reputable tratment for lots of digestive and other problems. Always be sure to attend a fully qualified reputable therapist and always make sure that they use disposable tubing.

  • nsusa

    It is not a necessary procedure. Your body knows how to cleanse the colon and does not need help with it. Colon cleansing however can help to kick off a weight loss diet or weight loss program with more success.

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