i tired to clean my colon but it didnt work?

i got the bag thing and did it every other day for 3days like folks said, but its so hard to keep the water in your butt for 10mins. as soon as you put the water up there it feels like im bout to shit on myself. can anyone help. i really want to clean it out w/o drugs


  • Gary Y

    Vicci colon cleansing is just alternative medicine nonsense – there are no health benefits. If you are constipated there are much more effective methods to deal with it.

    Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colon_cleansing

  • Rhianna does Medicine Year 1

    When you say clean it out….

    Are you constipated? Or are you trying to clean out some other unspecified crap (no pun intended) ?

    Just keep hydrated, include plenty of fibre in your diet, and take a dump. If you are actually constipated, get some laxatives and still do what I mentioned.

    If you think you are full of "toxins" reality check, you’re not. Shoving a hose up your ass wouldn’t resolve the problem even if you did.

    Edit: This is what I thought.

  • Trevor Tahair

    listen, there are people out there that have sold those types of products that are now in jail for fraud, I am a full believer in holistic medicine and it’s uses, however the colon detox things about "getting rid of mass toxins in your colon" is a complete fraud, any beneficial effects from any of these programs are placebo effects, it works by: you get talked into thinking there is a problem, you buy the product, and you start to notice there isn’t a problem anymore so you think it worked, when in reality there never was a problem, and you didn’t notice what was going on until you pay attention to it by using these products, it’s all banking on the highly suggestible nature and the highly powerful nature of the mind, honestly, if you believe in evolution, do you really think after millions of years of things evolving in the best interest of the life form that we would evolve an organ that stores poison that slowly seeps into our body, or, if you believe in creationism, do you really believe we would be created with this fatal flaw (when man was initially meant to be immortal until eve ate the apple according to the bible), no matter what you believe, it doesn’t add up, so save your money for something that actually helps a problem you really have instead of giving it to participants in the biggest scam that has ever burdened holistic medicine.

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