Diabetes and Thyroid antibodies?

My brother is diabetic for 2 years now. He is 11 and a half and his blood sugar is just fine. He doesn’t have major problems. Last time when he had appointment with his doctor he made some tests about thyroid gland and his hormones are all normal but antibodies are really high. What means that? We can’t ask his doctors because both of them are on vacation (his regular doctor and his endocrinologist) and the other doctors that are replacing accept just really emergency health problems.
* And could these results be wrong because the hospital didn’t have the necessary test strips for thyroid gland and the blood was there for over a month ( I don’t know in what kind of conditions the blood was kept because here we have kind of poor heath system)


  • Many type 1 diabetics also have other autoimmune disorders, like Hashimoto’s Disease (a thyroid problem, which can be tested for by looking for the specific antibodies it produces). His doctor should put him on medication to treat the condition before the gland becomes damaged, and recheck him often to keep an eye on the problem, so don’t worry about it.

  • Oldmansea

    my guess is that when you have high antibodies, its because your body is in fight mode against some kind of disease, a cold or flu, or just a small scratch which is inflamed and red. Most often it is nothing as long as your blood glucose is low or high. If all is ok, then I say don’t worry but keep an eye out for problems, as a diabetic is prone to infections and colds.

  • Dan M

    that probally means he will probally go on a pill called synthriod which i am on my doc says i will be off it by the time i turn 18 if i take it everydayand i am 16 and i started 10 months ago, it isnt that bad and if this is what he has it means he will be fine and it is only a small pill, a lot of diabetics also have thyroid problems, good luck.

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