cancer remedys?

I was wondering about info for beating cancer with home remedys like herbs or alternative treatments.


  • Steve F

    Thank you for your question and for looking into true health. There’s thousands of people that have beaten cancer naturally, you just have to know where to look. Be wary of those that tell you it can’t be done. Also, be wary of quackwatch articles, as the guy that runs the site is a known fraud. See See my post in the "What is the cure for breast cancer?" thread for a detailed list of natural and successful ways to address cancer. When you feed your body in such a way that it can thrive, your immune system is extremely powerful. Yes, you can get rid of cancer if you allow your body to do so.

    All of us have hundreds or thousands of mutated cancerous cells in a given time period that our immune systems identify, isolate and remove on a daily basis. If we eat poorly and are in poor health, our immune system will become overwhelmed and simply cannot get rid of that. That’s when we develop tumors as our body surrounds mutated cancerous cells in an attempt to seal them off from the rest of our body. If we continue to thwart our immune system’s attempts to keep us healthy, we will eventually die.

    The reason the natural cures aren’t well-known all over the world is that they are squashed. They try to disprove or discredit anyone who doesn’t go with the status quo. The reason it’s not big news is that it would upset the economy so horribly that thousands would lose their jobs in the pharmaceutical industry because no one would be paying thousands of dollars for overly expensive and harmful radiation treatments. I wish that weren’t reality but it is, and there will always be thousands of people continuing to die from the illusion that the traditional treatment works. My experience has been 100% failure in the last ten years from the traditional route for people on prayer lists in area churches. I wouldn’t put much faith in radiation treatments as they 1) bombard your body with radioactive poison 2) kill cells and don’t help them thrive 3) give the false sense of security that cancer is eliminated initially when it then comes back like gang busters and then cannot be stopped by any means.

  • Say what? You’re kidding, right?

    If there was a "home remedy" that could cure cancer……don’t you think it would be HUGE news all over the world? Wouldn’t EVERYONE know about it? Why would people choose to put themselves through the horrible side-effects of chemo and/or radiation if they could, say, mix some baking soda, vinegar, molasses, hot sauce and 1 cup of water and VOILA! No more cancer cells!

    Sorry, no. There are no over-the-counter/homemade cures for cancer.

  • f12button

    It’s highly reccomended that cancer patients undergo Chemotheropy — it’s usually to always more effective than any non-chemical treatment, although it does leave bad side effects.

    I’d say with home remedies, it’s not so much you treat the cancer itself, but the pain — tea, tonics, herbs for relaxation, etc.

    Many people would suggest a combination of aromatherapy, accupuncture, and herbal medicines such as Black Cohosh (to deal with pain/hot flashes)

    You may find this funny, and i am in no way suggesting this, but studies have shown that the consumption of Cannibinoids (marijuana and the THC found within) actually work to fight cancer cells by shrinking them. I don’t know the exact mechanism of action.

    After doing some research, it seems that some herbs may be able to fight cancer itself. Check this website out for more information:

  • lo_mcg

    Alternative in this context means unproven. If a medicine has been proven to be effective in clinical trials it ceases to be alternative medicine and becomes simply medicine.

    You should be very wary of stories of miraculous recoveries; remember you have no proof that the person telling the story ever had cancer in the first place, and certainly no proof that they are ‘cured’. The plural of anecdote is not data.

    You will probably be referred to such ‘testimonials’ in response to this question . Such responses invariably come from people who have neither studied nor had cancer, as these are the people who tend to have a pet theory about what causes, prevents or cures cancer.

    No herb, no fruit, no diet, no crank theories about oxygenation or apricot kernels or shark cartilage etc will help against cancer.

    Scientific information about such ‘treatments’ can be found here:

    Existing orthodox treatments are far from perfect, but we know, because they have been tested and proven in randomised, double-blind clinical trials and from countless case histories, that they save lives and extend many other lives.

  • MissE729

    Cancers are very curable…Go to…there is wonderful info, products, testimonials, & archived news…McCain’s site is just full of truthful, in-your-face, brain food…and the products she suggests are second-to-none.

    I, personally, have been connected & supportive of Herbal Healer for about 15 yrs. or more…very trusted info…best reality check you’ll get…Enjoy!!!

  • Pau d’arco is an alternative treatment for cancer, and it hasn’t been scientifically proven to work.
    Also some people like to try Wheat Grass.
    I found this randomly doing a search for cancer home remedy:
    Good luck

  • Susan T

    If you have cancer, (like me), then if you want to try this stuff do as long as you use it as well as the treatment prescribed by your oncologist. You need to check with him/her to make sure it won’t limit the activity of what is prescribed. I think that this stuff is unproven and sometimes people have good results which they attribute to this when it would have happened anyway. There are also a lot of quack practitioners who sadly exploit people.

  • charisse t

    Ive also had cancer and I believe that the tried and true practices and studies are the best way to go . But some believe that alternative is best. Don’t really want to take chances from the sure thing. I do believe that if original way of treating cancer doesn’t work, then try something else or go to another oncologist for a second opinion.

  • Panda

    There are no miracle herbs or alternative treatments that will remedy cancer. No documented evidence exists that will help you find any. What you see online is predominately websites that are interested in selling you products . . there is no evidence that any of them do any good at all. The closest you will find is that some herbs may alleviate cancer symptoms . . but none will ‘cure’ your cancer. If it did, it could be proven, and everyone would use it.

  • adrian w

    read as much as you can about nutrition and cancer. every book or artical you can read will biuld your understanding about it.

    if you eat only raw food that will make any supplement work way way better. if you start eating like that you’ll notice the differance in 4 days and after that you will feel better and better as your body regenerates.

    if you do, dont eat a lot of fruit. thats a big mistake some people make when they try it. just 2 to 4 fruits a day is good for most people. but if you exercise you may need more.

    eat fruit 2 hours after any other food. and about 1 hour after eating fruit you should eat other food. so try to keep fruit away from other food espacialy vegetables.

    and you need to eat raw animal food. you can marinate fish. you can eat oysters or prawns. or raw egg. or even raw meat like the Dutch. and you need to eat a lot a vegatbles. and some nuts are good to. and all kinds of sprouts are really good awell.

    that is a very powerfull thing i’ve just told you. and the great thing is you can find it out for your self. try it and in 4 days you should notice that you have more energy and if you keep doing it, little miricals will happen.
    and any herb or vitamin or mineral or any kind of supplement will work so much better. it is such a good fondation if you are trying to get natural healing to happen. it will make it really work. but you need to find out as much about nutrition as you can.

  • cucufate

    Cancer is a very complicated illness. Many people have died because of this problem. Our science and our medicines have developed some medicines which allow to control this illness in a good way if the patient doesn’t have the sickness in a very advanced stage.
    When a tumour appears in any part of the body, you must go to your doctor because this is not normal. Besides, there are osme other symptoms such as: anaemia, lack of appetite, constant pain in osme parts of the body, etc.
    Nowadays, there are many things producing cancer and every one of us needs to take care of anything: foods, drinks, home articles, clean products, etc.

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