can anyone tell me how you make pure beetroot juice.notime waisters please plus how do you make carrot juicea?


  • louise

    beetroot juice

    1 medium Beetroot
    1 handful Basil leaves
    2 Pears
    1 Lime
    1/2 a red Bell pepper

    This is a great vitality juice. Top and tail the beetroot and then scrub the beetroot if organic / home grown, otherwise peel the beetroot and cut into pieces small enough to fit in your juicer. Wash the pears, peel the lime and wash and deseed the pepper.

    Fold the Basil leaves up tightly and feed them into the juicer between pieces of Beetroot. Juice all the other ingredients, stir and drink immediately.

    What a taste this juicer recipe has! Beetroot juice is very rich and this recipe addresses that fact with the Lime juice which helps to cut through the richness. The Basil complements the Beetroot very well.

    Beetroot is an excellent source of iron and also contains the caretonoid Betaine. Betaine has numerous benefits including antioxidant properties and helps with red blood cell production and lymph activity. Red Peppers also contain an abundance of anti-oxidants so this juicer recipe has cancer preventative properties.

    Pear are a good source of soluble fibre and will help ‘sweep out’ the intestines.

  • John S

    You need to buy a juice machine.

  • Manda K

    I couldn’t find a recipe just for beetroot juice but I did find the following one:

    Serving: About a pint

    2 medium Beetroots
    2 Carrots
    1 Lemon
    3 Apples
    2 inches of root Ginger (peeled)

    This juice recipe tastes and looks fantastic, careful not to spill it though as it will be highly visible on any pale coloured carpet!. Peel the Beetroot and carrots (if organic then just wash thoroughly) then top and tail the Carrots and Beet. Peel the Lemon (leaving the pith on) and wash the apples.

    The Beetroot gives this juice the most vivid purple colouring and it really does look good. The lemon and ginger give a great tangy uplift to the drink which counteracts the ‘over sweetness’ of the beetroot and carrot.

    Beetroot is a great blood cleanser as it is contains good levels of Iron. The increased ability of the blood to carry oxygen benefits all tissues. This combined with the sugar content of Beetroot and Carrot juice and the stimulating effects of Ginger all combine to make this a great energy giving drink.

    I assume after all of the ingredients are washed, peeled and otherwiseprepared that you would put them through the juicer. Several sites I have gone to recommend that the beetjuice be mixed with other juices as too much of it alone can be harmful and cause palpitations. I have included the URL for where I got this recipe.

  • schumigirl1956(A FAN OF MICHAEL)

    if you buy a food blender or juice extractor you will get any kind of juice from cabbage, carrot almost every fruit and veggie known to man.

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