which is better Slim Fast or Juice Plus?

I just want to know which you think is better and why if there is any medical proof for the best one I don’t want telling that neither is best that’s just what I don’t want to know I want to know what is the best product between the two. I get plenty of exercise and can eat one healthy meal a day I just want to know which one of these products is best.

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  • Rockhound

    Both these products have good points and negative ones. Some of the vitamins are insufficient and some poorly absorbed. I would recommend a good and healthy diet and stay away from these products as they are likely a waste of time and money. The new research suggests that vitamins are poorly absorbed if at all from vitamin sources and if they come from food much better for you. If it was me choosing for me between these to products I would choose the one with the most protein as this may help curb your cravings also I would judge on the sugar and salt added. The more sugar, the more it will increase your appetite and the more salt the more it will increase your water retention as well as your blood pressure.

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