Thyroid test question…?

Is it possible or common to have your thyroid tested, and the test come back normal, even if you DO have a thyroid problem? Or can you have a normal thyroid test at one point in life and then a few years later, have an abnormal thyroid test?


  • Yes to both questions. The most common thyroid test is the TSH. Unfortunately the TSH often does not catch the condition until symptoms are severe. Add in that TSH levels chang constantly. This makes it a poor test. When its done, it must be done first thing in the morning each and every time. Also, you need to know the results, as far too many labs are going by outdated standards that can stop a diagnosis. AACe recommends the range be 0.3 to 3.0, yet some doctors believe anything over a 2.0 is not normal.

    Find out your numbers and if necessary retest in the morning. Also get in addition to the TSH, a free t4, free t3, and an antibody test

  • It is possible to have a normal thyroid test then later the results can come back abnormal, because the thyroid gland can fluctuate.I have to go in every 6 months to get mine tested,in case my thyroid hormones have changed and they may need to put me on a stronger dose or a weaker dose depending on weather my thyroid has fluctuated or not.I have a low active thyroid and thank god it hasn’t fluctuated,I get to stay on the same dose of hormone so far as long as it doesn’t fluctuate.I still have to go in for testing just in case.

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