Thyroid problem ……? ?

So I’ve always had irregular period , i’ve been really depressed , and I been kinda moody as well . My neck is rather chunky ( swollen ?) and I been losing hair . I can never lose weight no matter how healthy I eat . I been exercising ALOT trying to lose weight for MONTHS ! since January and I haven’t lost weight. Could it be a thyroid problem ? If so what will be done about it ?


  • Brandon

    Hello i am a stranger on the internet giving you advice on an important medical question, it does sound like a thyroid issue but a simple and cheap normal blood test will tell you if you have a thyroid condition, results should be between 0.358-4.700. 🙂

  • Harley Drive

    sounds like hypothyroidism/hashimotos with a goitre you probably need t4/t3 therapy

  • Mihaela

    Hi Tina,

    The signs that you are mentioning can be symptoms of a thyroid problem. Iregular periods, depression, thinning and losing hair, sensibility to cold, brittel nails, constipation can all be signs of hypothyroidism ( low production of thyroid hormones). The most common cause of hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency. Iodine comes in our diets mostly from salt which has been enriched with iodine, but at normal consumption rates, the iodized salt will not provide you with enough iodine. The RDA for iodine is 150mcg/day. Excellent sources of iodine are seaweed ( kelp), and fish. Seaweed provides iodine in a natural form and it is easily absorbable. If you believe you don’t get enough iodine in your diet, I would first suggest that you start on a seaweed supplement, such as kelp. You should expect an improvement in your symptoms within 2 weeks. Another good supplement to try would be GLA. This will also help you with the losing hair.
    Iodine deficiency is actually more widespread that we believe. If you are worried about your swollen neck and you suspect that might be goiter, you must check it with your doctor as well.


  • Babak

    signs & symptoms of hypothyroidism:
    dry skin
    feeling cold
    hair loss
    difficulty concentraining and poor memory
    weight gain with poor appetite
    hoarse voice
    impaired hearing
    dry coarse skin
    puffy face, hand and feet
    diffuse alopecia
    peripheral edema
    delayed tendon reflex relaxation
    carpal tunnel syndrome
    serous cavity effusion

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