Smoke Remedy? Does it really work?

My mom wants to quit smoking, and I am really hoping that she can find something to help her quit. I was looking at the Smoke Remedy homepage, but I am still a little confused, so if anyone has used it, or has known someone who uses it, please take just a minute to answer these quick questions.

1. How is it used?
2. Does it contain any nicotine or other harmful ingredients like gum does?
3. How quickly is it supposed to work?
4. Does it really work? Is it worth the money?
Any other facts about it would be great! Thanks so much everyone! 😀


  • Sean J

    I haven’t used Smoke Remedy but I used a product that was very similar and it didn’t cost as much. It was called Smoke Deter and is an all natural product also. It was available at They also had the lung health supplement but I didn’t try it. It really helped for the first couple of months and then after that I didn’t need it anymore. It doesn’t contain nicotine or any harmful ingredients because it is a natural product, which is what I was looking for also

  • just stick every cigarette up your bum filter first, she’ll stop for sure after wards

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