Juice extractor against packaged juice?

Well what are the main differences and is one of them healthier than the other?


  • Terry O

    The main difference is that all of the antioxidants and food enzymes are found in the extracted juice. These are missing from packaged juice because it has to be pasteurized, and the heat kills the antioxidants and enzymes, so it is next to impossible to digest and absorb any nutrients. Packaged juice is just water, sugar, and natural flavoring, plus any chemical vitamins that they happen to add in after pasteurizing. It is the same as Kool-Aid, just more expensive. Don’t waste your money. Invest your time in your health and go for the juicing. Be sure to drink within three to five minutes of juicing for the most benefit, otherwise the air starts to oxidize the vitamins.

  • Juice you extract yourself is a lot better because it is fresher and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives unlike packaged juices.

  • Goldfish B

    you should extract your own juice because you know what you are putting in it and for the packaged juice, it has preservatives and has been madefor days, months or years.

  • murphywingedspur

    Well, obviously, if you squeeze your own juice, then it really can’t get any fresher can it? but, Oh My god, these juicers use sooooo much fruit just to extract a small amount of juice!

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