Is colon cleansing just another gimic?

Does colon cleansing have real health advantages (i.e., weight loss, energy, etc.)? What type is the most affective and how do I get products, herbs, etc. to perform this cleansing?


  • mscandura2003

    I have answered this type of question before but it’s worth repeating the answer. Colon cleansing is very beneficial!
    It’s sort of like using a drain cleaner in your tub and sinks in your home. In order to keep the body toxic free and running like a fine watch, colon cleansing would really benefit a lot of people. Especially people who eat a lot of meat. Human beings should never really eat a lot of meat because our colons are not designed to properly digest the meat. A cat or dog have very very
    short colons, so they can easily digest meat. Humans on the other hand have colons that are extremely long and winding and meat takes a very long time to digest. Colon cleanse would be the ideal for the meat eater and everyone really to not only rid the body of toxins but as a tool to lose weight. Duo Cleanse is all natural, effective, safe and can be ordered on-line. Your local health food store has natural colon cleansers as well. Detox 7 is a good one.

  • David

    gimmick. I read a long article on rich people having it done. Doctors in the article said, waste of money. Does nothing.

  • chinababydoll1975

    i don’t know about products, but some bigger city have colonic clinics and those are not a gimic, they do help you lose weight and the health benefit are great, i would recommend them to anyone.

  • Diana

    I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s always made me feel better afterwards. Here’s a helpful site for you

  • Colon cleansing is great. It works even better if you do a full body cleanse with it.
    I use an amazing full body cleansing, replenishing, rejuvenating system that I have had great results. I have lost 20 lbs and gone from a size 18-10. My children ranging from 6-11 also use the program.

    Here is a link for more information. This link has a video that plays at the top.

    I personally would be happy to help guide you in the program.

    You can also email me directly at

  • Brett Takamatsu

    I’ve tried using Dr. Natura COLONIX program and I have been really happy with my results. You can learn more about the program at

    Or you can read one of those blogs that talk about their experiences on the COLONIX program.

  • Bart G

    When I have a colon cleanse done. I feel so happy! I am hungry too. Once you get past the embarrassment of it all, it is a good thing. I do them when I am doing a full body cleanse like PP.
    It feels so good to detoxify! I think people that are not activly cleansing/detoxifying are the ones that say it doesn’t work…
    There are "clinics" you can go to……this is the cleanse I use at the same time:

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