How does cholesterol work?

im reading a recipe book and it shows how much cholesterol it has in each serving for ex: it says 46 mg of cholesterol. what does that mean and how much Mg should i consume perday?

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    I am marking this question so that I can return and find it easily. Then I will share what I know about cholesterol.

    Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is soap-like in consistance. Cholesterol is contained in every cell of the body and is necessary for the integrity of each cell.It regulates the flow of nutrient while ridding the cells of waste products.

    Aldersterone which enables the body to regulate its blood pressure and hydrocortosone, the body’s natural steroid are established through the building block, cholseterol. cholesterol is also responsible for the productions of estreogen and testosterone, the sex hormones. If your body does not produce enough cholesterol it will not produced enough of these necessary hormones.Bile, whose main component is cholesterol aids in the digestion of food especially fatty foods. Without cholesterol we could not absorb vitamins A, D, E and K from food.

    The skin sheds water thanks to the aid of cholesterol.

    It is cholesterol that is converted into vitamin D after the sun is exposed to sunlight. Yes, the much needed vitamin is actually cholesterol that has been solar activated..

    Cholesterol is necessary for cell repair, growth and maintenance.

    It is needed to circulate blood fats, triglycerides,through veins and arteries.

    Cholesterol is not a serial killer as many would like for you ro believe. It is necessary for health…without it you will die.It can actually be more of a barometer to poor health if it is low. Low cholesterol levels is a sign of some cancers or crippling arthritis.

    If cholesterol should become elevated it is evidence that the there is a break down in the transporting of cholesterol not in the eating of it. As long as HDL and LDL are doing their jobs in the transporting of cholesterol, it is going to do its job of maintaining cellular health. Carbohydrates eaten with cholesterol can cause a break down in the vehicles that maneuver cholesterol through the circulatory system. Carbohydrates causes insulin to spike and this is the beginning of cholesterol being deposited in parts of the body where it shouldn’t be. When insulin spikes, glucagon shuts down. This is significant cause glucagon, insulin’s partner hormone, is responsible for slowing down the production of cholesterol. This is why many people who begin low carb diets will benefit from reduction in cholesterol levels. I can’t continue defining cholesterol without writing a book here at Yahoo Answers but I highly recommend reading the Book Protein Power by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades. The more I read it the more my Aha Moment increases.

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