How can I do a colon cleansing?

I am normally a very healthy person. But these last weeks I have been depressed and eating a lot of junk food (a LOT) and so I have gained about 7 lbs and feel horrible and unhealthy. I wanted to know if anyone could give me advice on colon cleansing products out there. Thanks!!


  • Nata Jones

    your colon is cleansing itself with dietary fiber which is mostly in fruit and veggies
    dont starve yourself, dont by any cleansing supplements – its a waste of money and health

  • Meestahtim

    Get some Jalapeños
    Drink some Margaritas
    Let nature do the work for you.

  • Ear Reverent

    Marry a Republican…

  • EF, MD

    Psyillium powder, which is a type of fiber in many stores is very good for the colon. the best are found at GNC, Vitamin World, ect. this and the fiber waffers. eat one in the morning or one scoop of the powder with 8 oz of water every morning for two weeks. physical activity is a better way of getting rid of anxiety then over eating by the way.

    good luck, Fabian, MD

  • You can check out the Master cleanse

  • Neil L

    Don’t do it. Colon cleaning is unhealthy for your body according to all medical authorities. Think about it. You want to clean your colon because you ate a bunch of junk food. Just stop eating this stuff. The colon cleans itself 24 hours per day.

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