Cholesterol level of 158?

I’m 20 years old.. and my cholesterol level is at 158.. is this normal, or should I be worried?


  • vampcinnamon

    Normal results

    The "normal" values for serum lipids depend on the patient’s age, sex, and race. Normal values for people in Western countries are usually given as 140–220 mg/dL in adults, although as many as 5% of the population has TC higher than 300 mg/dL. Among Asians, the figures are about 20% lower. As a rule, both TC and LDL levels rise as people get older.

    Some doctors prefer to speak of "desired" rather than "normal" cholesterol values, on the grounds that "normal" refers to statistically average levels that may still be too high for good health. Desirable values are as follows:

    * Total cholesterol (TC): less than 200 mg/dL
    * HDL cholesterol: 40–70 mg/dL in males, 40–80 mg/dL in females
    * LDL cholesterol: less than 130 mg/dL
    * TC/HDL ratio: under 4.0 in males, 3.8 in females.

  • bonnie b

    i wish my cholesterol was that low. any thing under 200 is unusually normal.

  • toodd

    At the American Heart Association’s annual stroke conference (February 1999), a report was presented showing that people with cholesterol levels under 180 doubled their risk of hemorrhagic stroke compared to those with cholesterol levels of 230. Optimal level is around 200.

    However, do not concern this much. The hemorrhage stroke is only a small portion or 15% among all strokes, and mostly it affects to people from 40 years old with untreated hypertension, alcohol abuse, cell pathology that causes an aortic aneurysm or a balloon in vessel walls, or some other required risk factors.

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