any done the juice plus diet ?

Hi All

was thinking of doing the juice plus shake diet plan, but after doing some research i noticed that a full tin gives you 12 shakes and they say you need 6 tins for the entire 12 week plan, so 6 * 12 is 72 shakes

but to do the plan you have 2 shakes a day for the first 6 weeks ( 42 days ) = 84 shakes
then 1 shake a day for the next 6 weeks ( 42 days ) = 42 shakes

maybe i am crazy or missing something but how do you get 126 shakes out of 72 ??


  • tennislover

    dont do it
    dont beleive in these fly by night things

    but eat healthy
    take CLA supplement
    drink green tea

  • Jodie Roberts

    if you are doing the shake diet you only use hafl a scoop instead of a full scoop as directed in the tin so the tin actually gives you 24 shakes not 12 I have just started and feel so much better already I would definately reccommend as the shakes are not for life they are weaned out of your diet over a course of 16 weeks

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