which is healthier, water or juice?

I must say I’m not a huge fan of water so I tend to drink apple juice all the time. I have lost quite a bit of weight recently and was wondering if I’d lose even more by drinking water instead of pure apple juice.


  • JUICE is the best.. It contains water as you know plus other good stuff….

  • Peanut butter Jelly Time!!!!


  • You can’t go more than 2 days with out water.

  • its_not_rocket_surgery

    water. then take multivitamins. no calories then, right?

  • angela n

    waters healthier

  • kate_juicy81

    water is the best for u

  • Rachael-x

    Apple juice is healthy but it has fruit sugars, which like are good in moderation but not if you drink tons…water’s better though, kind of essential…


    Water is best. You could add a small amount of cordial, or have fruit tea. Why do you want to lose weight?

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  • dixidan_2000

    Water is definately healthier

  • east2west92

    water is better for you…if you want juice you can cut the calories by mixing it with water…

  • Dorian

    waters better for you grapefruit juice is supposed to be good to aid weight loss

  • water…it has no calories

  • apple juice is sugary and it only counts as a portion of fruit once a day no matter how many times you drink it- drink water or squash or something. If you don’t like tap water get bottled there’s some nice ones and you are meant to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day i think

  • water sustains life but juice give your body vital nutrients that you need that are not contained in water

  • apple or orange is fine.but water is better,as it purifies, your whole system,

  • yes, water is the best thing you can drink. look at the lable of the apple juice. Way too much sugar. For a change try crystal light. There are a lot of flavors to choose from. there is no sugar and very few calories.

  • Stick with the apple juice…better for the vitamins…but drink water too.

  • humminngbirdhi

    Water is better. Eat your apples instead. You get more nutrients ans A.J. doesn’t have fiber, and fiber helps you feel full. I’m not a big water fan either, but the natural flavored waters aren’t bad, just watch for added sugars.

  • that_one girll

    apple juice has clories and sugars but water has no calories and no sugars so i would have to say that water is maybe a little bit better for you

  • CarlosTheRed

    gatorade is good for extended workouts, but if you are trying to lose wait by just drinking stuff and not eating, than water is the way to go..

  • orangecat43

    I think water is better for you. Look at the sugar content on the juice. My kids apple juice says 28g sugar per serving. Almost as much as soft drinks. I used to drink a lot of cokes-I stopped and started drinking water and skim milk-I have lost 20lbs. Just try more water. My kids are only supposed to have 4oz of juice daily-mostly water and milk. Hope this helps-oh try adding lemon to water or buy flavored water.

  • They are both healthy.

    Fruit juices are great as they help you get your 5 a day. Your meant to have fruit in your diet anyway, and your also meant to drink water every day. They say 5 liters of water in your diet is daily recommended , this includes water itself and juices, and other liquid.

    You wont put on weight drinking fruit juices.

    Just becareful your not trying to loose to much weight in either a short period of time or alternatively your not loosing to much in general.

  • lochmessy

    Water is of course better for you if you are on a diet, it has no calories and it cleans out your system. Pure apple juice is adding a lot of sugar and so a lot of calories into your system. Cutting it out will definetly make a difference in losing weight. On a diet about the worst thing for you is fruit juice. A piece of fruit is ok, but to get the juice think of how many apples they have had to use to get the juice, quite a few, so the calorie count is way up.
    If you don’t like plain water, you can add a bit of lemon. Lemon is actually one of the best things for someone on a diet, it does a great job of cleaning your system. You may not like the flavor of water and just lemon, so you can always add a bit of artifical sweetner. That will certainly not screw up a diet. Is it healthy,well that is always up to you as to how you feel about artifical sweetners, some are better than others.

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  • rann_georgia

    It all depends on what you’re after. Good juice is better than bad water. Good water is better than bad juice. As water has zero calories and juice has some, yes, you’d loose more weight with going with water.

    A matter of fact, drinking ice water will help you lose more weight than drinking plain water. Why? Think of boiling a glass of water in a microwave. It takes more energy to boil cold water than luke-warm water. The same applies to the body, it takes more energy for the body to bring ice-cold water up to body temperature.

  • Running with Scissors

    You’d lose more weight.
    Water is healthier, where I’m from the government puts fluoride in our drinking water so it’s even healthier.

  • pink girl

    water is better if you drink water youll fell healy i lost 34 pounds by drinking water every day

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  • Dr Frank

    Water is generally better most of the time, fruit is better taken as the whole fruit rather than the juice. Pure fruit juices end up with quite a lot of sugar and calories in a smallish volume and there is little fibre. We can be conned into anything these days and one of the new trends, smoothies are even worse.

    We are often conned by the words natural, healthy and pure when they are applied by advertisers to food. If you put a load of bran and vitamins in mud, does it become a natural, healthy high fibre vitamin enriched snack? the advertisers would have you believe that it would.

    An apple has 53 calories and about 2gms fibre and 11gms of carbohydrate,a cup of apple juice with 117 calories has only 0.2gms of fibre. Not quite a fair comparison, but a smoothie is over 300 calories a portion! Which of the 3 takes longer to eat and is most filling? I would say the apple.

  • It depends if the apple juice has sugar or anything else added too it. I would say water is healthier has it has so many benefits, but it depends on the individual and nutritional requiments. For weight loss water would be best as apple juice contains calories.

  • OwddaMyRoom

    yes you will, apple juice is very high in sugar and as you know it is v important to watch your sugar levels.Water helps to flush out all the toxins in your body and aids digestion, so yes it is much better for you

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