Update to thyroid condition – Thyroid nodule, and thyroid antibodies. Can it be Cancer?

Hi this is an update to my previous question on thyroid problems.
I had ultrasound of my neck today, and there is one nodule on the right side of the thyroid.
I took some off the advice i received in previous question, however i couldnt figure out how to post this on the same topic.
Thats why i have posted this new question, I wanted to thank the people that did answer my first Q, it was very helpful. I really appreciated it.

I went to another doctor who actually took the time to examine my neck, and thought it would be a good idea to get an US done, and test my Iodine, Selenium, and Vitamin D levels. I get my results tomorrow. The nodule was obvious on the ultrasound, i noticed it on the screen, very small, also asked the technician, and she said that there was one there.
By the way I am male and 35 years old.

I have high thyroid antibodies levels, only peroxidase was high (ref my previous question) which is suggestive of hashimotos, does hashimotos present with nodules on the thyroid as well? is that common?
now i have this nodule and am worried it might be cancerous. If you could can you please check my previous question, and if you have have had the same thing happen to you please let me know.
Would like to know, just to put some of my stressing at ease!!




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