taking juice plus+ when pregnant?

ive been taking juice plus supplements for a few months now. ive read on the website that its okay to take them when pregnant (we are currently trying for a baby) but i guess it is biased so wanted some advice from people who are not obligated to sell the product. be greatful for any advice, thanks x
i was hoping someone on YA! may have been on them when pregnant as my doctor doesnt deal with anything pregnancy related (stupid i know) and i cant get a midwife until im actually pregnant. think i might just stop taking them to be on the safe side as no one but juice plus representatives seem to have any info. thanks x

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  • Belgian maiden

    Why check on YA!? It’s not likely to find people who really know about it, unless there is a qualified nutritionist/doctor on here. Go to your doctor’s and ask them whether it is OK. Just as a warning: there are interactions between perfectly "normal" medications and conditions, e.g. I know I should not eat grapefruit because of the medication I’m on. You’d think grapefruit is a fruit, so what could be wrong with it? I’m not saying that this is the case for you, but to be totally sure, check with your doctor. At this point you really want to be totally sure, don’t you?
    Reply to your additional details: I’m not saying that you should not take them, but as you said, you wanted the opinion of someone outside the marketing of these juices. I can’t give you an opinion, all I can say is be very wary of what anyone is telling you without being sure they have the knowledge of interactions etc. Can’t you find someone within your friends/acquaintances who might know a medically qualified person to talk to?

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