Natural remedies to stop premature grey?

I saw my first grey strand at 18. At 26 they became more prevalent. Now, I am 33 years old and graying around the sides and top of my head. This is not genetic grey. My mother, grandmothers, and sister look quite young. I’ve had alot of problems in my life and I know this is from stress.

If you know of any natural/herbal supplements or natural topical solutions to slow this down, I would appreciate the information.
I have heard of Amla, but I I don’t know if I should take it orally or use it topically. That is all I know of.


  • the best possible advice you could ever get about slowing down the ageing process is to completely eliminate processed sugar from your diet ……. it sukks the precious vitamins, nutrients, vitality from your bones and neural system and trashes your health ….. nutritionally void, chemically processed toxicsludgeuseless process sugar … processed sugar wrecks you … so yeah…. sodas, pop, alcohol, fruit juices, highly processed sugary and junkytype foods, sauces, even some vitamin supplements and meds contain it ……. do that and you’ll be cooking with gas mate… eat more green and leafy salad vegies … celery, buk choy, salad greens, alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts … and prepare freshly your meals …. some lean meats and fishes…. some good carbs like brown rice, rolled oats, quinoa, chick peas and lentils….. and drink more water ….. eat the food mother nature intended and you’ll be going a long way to arresting early signs of ageing.

    146 really good reasons to not ingest processed sugar ~

    and try to find yourself a guided meditation cd and sit for half an hour each day and just be blissfull listening to it …….. destress to the calm soothing voice on the cd…… learning to manage your stress levels will go a long way towards slowing the ageing process.

    peace baby

  • faerielights

    I don’t know of anything…but, am interested to hear if you find something that works!

    Henna….33 yo girls best friend (I’m 33 too)….

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