Natural remedies for excessive worry/anxiety and depression?

I am suffering from post partum depression and the Percocet really makes me relax and feel like I have hope. I was given it for my c-section. I was wondering if there are any natural things I could take that could have a similar effect. Not anything bogus or fake, but something that actually helps with depression and anxiety. Something to make me relax. Any help is greatly appreciated I want to enjoy my little boy!


  • Soul Doctor

    Reikimom is right the best remedy for Post Partum depression is SEPIA I would suggest you take it in 30C potency three times a day.
    No side effects or complications 100% relief.

    Best of Health to you.
    Take care and God Bless

  • sandrinebelier

    If you want to try homeopathy, you could try SEPIA 9C, three granules three times a day for postpartum depression according to the Homeopathic Family Guide by Dr. Alain Horvilleur. Of course it will take a few days to gradually feel the effects and don’t forget to get plenty of sunshine and eat right. After all, these sweet moments you can never get back. The best way to beat the ‘baby blues’ is to get yourself out of the house. So take a shower, put on some makeup, get dressed, bundle up your sweet baby and go out, you’ll be so happy you did…trust me!

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