• Kevin G

    Of course the most gentle type of colon cleanse is to introduce changes to diet which will over time improve colon health.

    This can be achieved by reducing the levels of foods that are high in fat, those which are heavily processed and pre packaged, and have low nutritional value

  • Jacob M

    get a clening rod and shove it up your …well you know and then wiggle it around and then it will be cleansed my son

  • Lindseyloulou

    There are lots of over the counter "cleansers" at the drug store. Advocare has a cleasing system, or you could just up the fiber intake.

  • labia69

    Buy some super dieter tea and drink plenty of water. You also need to eat foods with "teeth" ie… broccoli

    Foods full in fiber are best for scraping your insides clean

  • Look up some body cleansing techniques on-line. Most consist of not eating for a while and only drinking lots of water and others consist of eating foods that absorb toxins from the body.

  • The best you could do is to get a purgative from a drug store. Follow the dosage.

  • Always

    Why would you want to? If your prescriber thought it was a good idea, they should have given you something. It is not advisable to most people to "cleanse" their colons regularly at all. Doing so can interrupt the bacteria that live in the colon and aid in digestion. There are no ancient food particles trapped in there. Eating a high fiber diet regularly is much more beneficial to your health. Colon cleansing is someone’s sick joke on how people will buy into anything.

  • Let your colon do its job naturally. The "colon cleansers" are possibly more harmful to your digestive system than helpful.

  • spadafora74

    Grade A Maple syrup, paprika, and lemon juice. I think they need to be equal parts…it’s natural and not a drug. I believe that’s the one that Beyonce uses. Google it.

  • jzangel

    it is pretty simple…….get pure psylium and it must have no other additives. take it daily, for awhile and then stop the sugar and grains as well and get some good probiotics, you have to get the good bac. back in your intestines.

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