Anyone know of an all food colon cleanse program?

I’m looking for an all natural colon cleanse program by only eating certain foods. No drugs. No herb supplements. I feel there must be a way to do this as nature intended. I do not trust herbal products as they are processed by man.. the only ones I trust are the ones I can pick myself. And there are some parts of the world where herbs are not grown.. these peoples must have had a way to clean their colon without herbs. I did hear one person say don’t eat meat when your trying to clean your colon. I don’t buy that at all. If you feel this way, give me some really good reasons why I must not eat meat. Do not answer this question if you are anti meat, that answer will be a bias answer and not right..
Also, How will I know when my colon is completely clean? How long can I expect this program to work?
Well I eat like that anyway folks.. those are just general answers to keep you regular. They are not colon cleanse programs.. these things will not go above and beyond the scraping out of your colon like a store bought product will.. that’s what im looking for.. detail a plan that uses certain foods to clean your colon in the way that the OTC products do. You need to tell me foods that act on the body the way that the colon products do.. not just healthy eating. There is a Big difference.


  • Ronald

    colon cleansers…include grapes, prunes, cabbage, lots of intake of water.most woman do not drink enough water, colon needs large intake of water, no pop or sugar drinks. spinach, beans, etc intake is important to colon health.

  • vegetables (raw) and water will "flush your system".

  • Adventum

    Water is the key element when starting a healthy and safe colon cleanse at home. Eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Include foods with lots of fiber, especially insoluble fiber, and reduce the amount of animal protein. These are hard to digest and tend to be hard to break down in the colon and the intestines.

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