Any natural hair removal remedies?

I’m doing a project for health class and need to know if you guys have any ideas about natural hair removal? Pastes, lotions, or bleaches. Not waxing or using those sticky strips things, and anything for unwanted facial hair? Besides shaving? Thanks!


  • Sugaring is a hair removal option that works a lot like waxing. It is natural.

  • Sheela

    Natural metal blades…

  • Kenni

    Ancient Greek men used to use two clam shells as tweezers to groom their beards. I kid you not.

  • Define ‘natural’.

    Hair removal is unnatural full-stop, when looking at natural hair removal then shaving is not natural, wax can be a natural substance…lotions, pastes and bleaches are not mostly not natural. And are you just looking for methods on removing facial hair, or all hair removal methods? Epilation would be another method if you’re counting shaving as a natural method, but then you could also count other methods like electrolysis or laser hair removal too.

    So what exactly is it you’re looking for?

    Sugaring – using a sugar mix like wax.

    Threading – using twisted thread over the skin to pull out hairs.

    Plucking – pulling out hairs with tweezers.

    Burning – using hot wax to burn off hairs and prevent regrowth.
    (warning – unsafe)

    Depilatories – natural method would be using Turmeric.

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