What sort of education (degree, college courses) would be good to become a personal trainer.?

I am looking to start a career as a personal trainer. What degree would be good to get?

ALSO what kind of courses should i take in college?

ALSOOOOOO what certifications would i need?


  • squeakyanimal

    A Bachelor’s degree at least; and many colleges offer majors in personal training/health sciences.
    Courses will vary depending where you go, but you can bet on needing anatomy, a basic biology course, fitness/nutrition courses at the very least

  • You need to take courses in learning how to program games on the computer.
    Also you need the certificate of an idiotic loser.

  • 11 aces

    Exercise Physiology, anatomy, physical therapy courses…become at least a certified personal trainer…becoming a certified athletic trainer and or a physiotherapist or some became doctors of chiropractic medicine like Franco Colombo….but you need to know how to motivate your athletes and you need to be in top physical condition and also you need to be able to teach and speak and explain and know emt and cpr.and as much as you can about health and different conditions of the body..it is a lifetime pursuit and you will study until you realize that you don’t want to do it anymore. also nutrition and metabolism and strength and conditioning…and kinesiology and study everything that they offer …..and know what type of athletes you want to work with…whether it is little old fat ladies that want to lose 25 pounds or whether it is world class tennis stars or free runners…each one is different…..

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