• BrokenSparrow

    look at nutritiondata.com. Cholesterol is an animal product, look at the lable for yourself. There is nothing. If there is, it is because they added an animal product to it (which I have never heart of them doing).
    You will NEVER find cholesterol in any thinng from a plant plants don’t need it to grow so there for do not produce it, aniimals do need it for things likke their cell structure and hormones.
    The idea of peanut butter (0r any plant based product) having cholesterol is like the thought of a human being producing chlorophyll from photosynthesis. It just doesn’t happen

  • bobby d

    yes ..it does

  • themrs777

    Peanut butter definitely has cholesterol.

  • jackie_jabar

    There is no cholesterol in peanut butter. Cholesterol is found only in animal products. Peanut butter is naturally cholesterol-free.

  • emily_brown18

    Peanut butter does not have any cholesterol in it. Cholesterol is produced in animals, so something containing no animal products, like peanut butter, is naturally cholesterol-free.

  • iluvcookies

    yeah, it has cholesterol. you should buy this one called smart balance. if you are trying to watch your cholesterol

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