Looking for a book with natural remedies for common health problems?

I don’t want a book by crazy people or people trying to sell me on spiritual practices just something with natural remidies that I can try for things like colds and my sinus problems that are not harsh on the stomach like the allegra d i take is. I am going to buy a few books and I don’t want the ones that swear by some new age philosophy.


  • aquariusdoll

    Zeek – the art of shenku
    Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine

  • bluebell

    Try Natural Remedies by Jean Carper. All natural remedies for ailments like arthritis, depression, circulation problems etc. Highly recommended
    Try echinacea for colds and sinus

  • Jack the Mack

    the shortest book ever written

  • Carol M

    Check out The People’s Pharmacy at http://peoplespharmacy.com/index.asp

  • cooker_upper1

    I am currently attending Clayton College of Natural Health for Herbalism. I have completed 4 courses already and this is the theory: The course stresses the importance of DIET. No herb or prescription drug will be effective if your diet is messed up. Of course, prescription and over the counter chemicals will have dangerous side effects but if you take the wrong herb or too much at the wrong time you can make yourself really sick-sicker than you already are. I suggest that, if you are serious like I am, you should enroll in some herbal courses so you know what will work and what will not.

  • Larry O

    The best I have found is written like an in cyclopedia.
    "Prescription for Natural healing" I have the third edition, about 4years old. Published by; Phyllis A. Balch, cnc
    It is about the size of a phone book but you can find just about any ailment in it. Disease description, herbal treatments, Diet, Vitamins recommended etc.

  • Violetdoors

    Health begins in the colon by Doctor Group

  • Samir S

    Hey there,
    You can get some good tips at Mamaherb for home remedies.
    Check it out I think you’ll like it. Cause apart from the treatments it also show how many people it actually helped.

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