is thyroid cancer hereditary?

my mom had thyroid cancer when she was 17, is there a chance that i could get it?


  • greeney

    20% of patients with medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) develop the condition due to an abnormal gene. This gene can be passed on to offspring. Thyroid cancer that develops due to this genetic abnormality is called familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (FMTC). Family members who share this gene abnormality are at a greatly increased risk of medullary thyroid cancer.
    There appears to be some hereditary basis for papillary thyroid cancer in some families, but the genetic basis has not been established yet.

    It’s more common in women than men…two thirds of patients are aged between 20 -55, anotther risk factor is radiation.

    My friend aged 35 just had her thyroid removed…… her mother died of the disease last year and before her death she told her daughter to have her thyroid checked, she had it checked and was found to be in early stages of cancer, hence it’s removal, it was hereditary.

  • I think what makes any cancer hereditary is the lifestyle lived. If you live the same way she did at that age, and eat, drink and work the same way, it’s likely you are susceptible.
    It’s possible you might find the answer you want in this book: Super Immunity, and Eat to Live both by Dr. Joel Fur Man. I found my copy at a local book store, but they are available at the well known online book store too.
    Don’t figure just because she had it that you will too. There’s every chance you can adjust your lifestyle and avoid what caused her to get it.
    According to what I have read 99.99% of all cancers are related to poor nutrition.

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